About Myself – Detailed

Professional Experience

Research and Development Associate 2010–2016
Thermal and Fluids Engineering
University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
Assistant Lecturer 2014–2016
Matlab & Computer Science for Engineers
University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
Research, Development and Design Engineer 2006–2010
Measurement of Radiation Heat Transfer Processes
Paul Scherrer Institute & ETH Zurich
Research Engineer 2005–2006
High Temperature Solar Technology
Paul Scherrer Institute
Research Engineer 2002–2004
Abrasive Water Jetting
University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
Occasional Work 1999–2002
as a Design Engineer and Lab-Assistant
University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
Mechanic (part time next to professional training) 1995–1999
Design, Assembly and Production
ABB Switzerland


PhD Studies 2006–2010
Paul Scherrer Institute & ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Master of Engineering Science 2004–2005
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Bachelor of Science (Dipl. Ing. FH) 1999–2002
Degree Course in Mechanical Engineering
University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
Mechanic / Design Engineer Apprentice 1995–1999
Professional Training combined with Professional Maturity of Technical Type (i.e. Technical Highschool)

Skills: Engineering

Fluid Flow Measurement
Advanced skills in:
  • LDA / PDA: Laser & particle doppler anemometry
  • PIV: Particle image velocimetry
  • Particle tracking based on shadow- and fluorescence imaging
  • Flow imaging and visualisation
  • Hot-wire anemometry (intermediate level)
Measurement Technology
General experience and skills in:
  • Measurement of quantities such as temperature, pressure, position, mass flow, …
  • Particle size analysis
  • Rotor instrumentation and telemetry
  • Applying sensors
  • Thermography & pyrometry
  • Imaging and visualisation in general
  • Data analysis and uncertainty estimation
Optical Systems
Close to ten years of experience in design, development, selection, implementation and application of optical systems:
  • Lens- and mirror based systems
  • Concentrating and imaging optics
  • Light sources: Lasers, arc lamps, …
  • Further components (detectors, spectrometers, cameras, …)
Radiation Heat Transfer
Main field of my PhD work – topics:
  • Participating media
  • Experimental determination of radiative properties
  • Inverse heat transfer analysis
  • Design of optical measurement set-ups
  • Monte Carlo ray-tracing
Solar Thermal Engineering
Focus on high temperature solar thermo-chemical reactors:
  • Diagnostics / measurement techniques
  • Numerical modelling (heat/mass transfer)
  • Experimental testing of solar reactor prototypes
Thermal & Fluids Engineering
Major field of work and study with further in depth experience in:
  • Thermo-magnetic systems
  • Plain and abrasive water jetting and nozzle design
  • Sprays and atomisation
Engineering Mechanics
Second major field of studies:
  • Strong interest in dynamics and vibrations
  • Basic knowledge of related subjects such as strength of materials, fatigue, …
General knowledge in mechanical engineering and related fields.

Skills: Computing

Engineering Software
In depth Labview programming experience in measurement, evaluation and control applications (2002—2010). Skills range from basic / novice to very high, depending on the topic.
Computer aided design knowledge mainly based on 2D Autocad / Autosketch / QCAD (1995—present). Further knowledge of 3D Catia (2005—2015) and 3D IDEAS (1999—2002).
Basic to intermediate knowledge of several finite element / volume and CFD packages (mainly from 2002—2005); products used: Nastran / Patran, Fluent, CFX.
Mathematical Software
Strong Mathcad user since 1999.
Advanced Matlab experience (since 2002).
Fortran, (Visual)-Basic, Pascal, C++, Java, Javascript, Python
Experience with several programming environments. However not a designated programmer. In depth Fortran 95/2003 experience from 2005—2010.
html, css, js, php
Basic html, css, javascripting and php knowledge (frequently used between 2005—2010).
MS-Office, LibreOffice, Google Docs, Adobe Acrobat, …
Intermediate to advanced experience with several word processing, spreadsheet and further office applications.
Image processing
Gimp, Photoshop, …
Image processing skills ranging from basic to advanced.
Vector graphics
Scribus, Inkscape, …
Basic vector graphics knowledge.
Operating systems
Advanced MS-Windows user.
Intermediate Linux knowledge (basic workstation and server administration from 2005—2010).
Next to the present list I know and use a plethora of useful tools and methods too numerous to mention at this place.

Business, Management, Administration & Entrepreneurship

Various management, administration and related business skills acquired by a combination of both on the job learning and private literature study:
Project planning and management
  • Estimating time
  • Estimating risks
  • Managing resources
  • Allocating resources
  • When things go wrong
  • Applying for funds (indirect experience only)
  • Writing proposals (indirect experience only)
  • Leadership (indirect experience only)
Various business related skills
  • Writing quotations
  • Writing reports
  • Running meetings
  • Decision making
  • Documenting work / knowledge management
Level of project responsibilities
  • Usually in charge of subtasks.
  • Main person in charge: 1-3 month projects.
  • No direct staff supervision (except for students and trainees).

Strengths and weaknesses




Hobbies and Other Interests